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Friday, February 22, 2008

£ - List of Financial Directory Website

A list of Financial Directories. This category is reserved for directories that provide listings of financial sites. Subjects include finance, credit and investment. Financial directory lists.

  1. EnterWeb
  2. find.co.uk
  3. FnancialStep.com
  4. Offshore-Directory.org
  5. eGoldSource
  6. accountnetguide.com
  7. Novice Investing
  8. myfinancedirectory.com
  9. Cannon Financial Center
  10. PureLinks Financial Web Directory
  11. Insurance Resource Directory
  12. dollarguides.com
  13. egold-directory.com
  14. AccountingB2B.com
  15. financecompanypages.co.uk
  16. indexaccounting.com
  17. Accountinglisting.com
  18. 123OnlineStockTrading.com
  19. Mortgage Loan Links
  20. stockmarket-directory.com
  21. ITradeDirectory.com
  22. CPA6.com
  23. AccountDirectory.com
  24. Askbee.net
  25. themoneyservice.co.uk
  26. Frankly Finance
  27. Financial directory
  28. The Money Directory
  29. investmentdir.com
  30. LovingGold.com
  31. b2bpage.net
  32. listcurrency.com
  33. diba-cash.com
  34. Financial5.com
  35. Directoriesindex.com

Saturday, February 16, 2008

How do I market a website?

Website Marketing

While I am surfing in linkedin (my profile sweta shah) question answer I come with this question “How do I market a website?” Is the big question for website owner. So I am giving all juice of that question with additional way of website marketing.

Mostly people know about SEO and internet marketing but get confuse with

  1. Is it good to higher seo or not?
  2. How much it cost?
  3. How good that SEO professional is?
  4. They will give me result or not.
  5. and many more

Some of them want to do website marketing by own self.

So here are some tips for this to market your website in easy way.

Know your target market? And reach to them

To find targeted market for different product is different so you need to work more for market research. You need to know the environment where this market exists and the channel which leads to this market. Dig on search engine find related website and do some market research. Then try to find how you get market from this website. Try not finding topic specific, social media community or blog related to your topic. Try to search in local website too.

Page Optimization:

Have proper tags in place in the home page and other pages of the website which are search engine friendly. Have proper titles to all web pages. On page optimization is important to be in proper and relevant search engine result. Click Here to read all on page optimization factors.


Submit your website to free search engines and directory, which help in promoting well.
Also submit your website to regional search engines and directories.

Article Marketing

Write unique means original article so people love it .Write articles and get them published through directories that attract your target audience. Articles will provide back links to your forum/blog/site from the author resource box as well as establish you as an expert in your field. Click Here for Best article Directories.

Commenting on blog

Start participating in all related blogs with proper identification of the site so that the visitors develop interest to visit to your site. Follow and comment on blogs that are relative to your target market. When you comment, add value to demonstrate your expertise. Comments that are strictly there to get the back link don't help your brand.
The more you reach out and build your brand on the web, the faster people will find you and your site. Click Here to get list of blog directory to find blogs


In signature use website with good call to action words

Social Media Marketing

Try to find similar group in social media community or create your own. So you can get user from their. Try to make it active. Some big communities are facebook, myspace, orkut, friendster etc

PPC – Pay Per Click

You can go for an AdWords campaign. There are lots of ppc program and best of them are yahoo, google and Microsoft. Take care in choosing keyword for your campaign. Also consider bidding competition and traffic for that keyword.

E-mail Marketing: Use your network

Find writers and designers who are willing to lend you a hand or higher them or you can also do it by your self. Ask them to write and design an (HTML email) email. Purchase a targeted list and send your email to them. Be sure that you have the resources to receive the responses - because this is a proven method. Try to locate the Venture Capitalists, especially tier 2 and tier 3 types and start sending mails to them about your site and explain them clearly the kind of help you can do. However, please note that you may send the correspondence like e-mails in a crisp fashion and never send so many to your target people as it may make such mails as spam.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Why it�s a BAD Idea to Promote Hot Selling Products on eBay

By harman singh

Do a quick search on Google, Yahoo, or your favorite auction resource site, and you'll quickly discover there are several software programs targeted to vendors who want to promote hot selling products on eBay.

The infatuation with hot selling products exists because sellers believe if you target items that have a robust sales pattern, you'll have a better chance at profiting on eBay. This is both true and false.

Yes... hot selling products can improve your bottom line. But unfortunately by the time the average eBay seller (a) realizes what the hot selling products are, (b) purchases stock to sell on eBay, and (c) actually puts the items up for sale, the demand is already being met by other eBay sellers who probably started the hot selling product trend some time ago.

Not only that, with thousands of people also having access to the same hot selling product lists, you'll have to contend with other eBay vendors who have the exact same ideas that you do. So you'll be up against the original sellers who are currently feeding the demand, AND doing the tango with newer sellers who have jumped on the same hot selling product bandwagon that you did.

Okay maybe this won't happen to you.

But suppose it does.

What if competition becomes so great that prices start dipping below the wholesale cost that you paid for the item? (It happens all the time on eBay.) And what if you lose $100, $200, or even $1,000 on inventory that you thought would be flying off the shelf? Suddenly that hot selling item is looking rather cold sitting in your garage collecting dust.

So if not hot selling products on eBay, then what?

Do what the majority of PowerSellers do. Sell what you want, instead of what's hot. Repeat after me, "Every day ordinary items sell extremely well on eBay... Every day ordinary items sell extremely well on eBay... Every day ordinary items sell extremely well on eBay." Allow this to become your mantra, because it is very much true.

I know this from first-hand experience as I analyze top sellers instead of hot products. And my research has continuously shown me that mediocre products don't necessarily translate into mediocre sales.

For instance, there's a seller right now who clears about $1,000-$2,000 a week selling magnets. And that's AFTER eBay and PayPal fee's. Another seller promotes homemade CD's to a specific audience and clears $900-$2,000 a week. A few sellers make $500-$700+ a week - after expenses - promoting public domain information. And the cool thing about public domain information is that anybody can sell it because it's free. So that's pure profit by selling something they never paid for. Talk about the ultimate arbitrage opportunity!

The ultimate key in succeeding no matter what product you end up selling, is to build a successful strategy. To figure out 'how' to profitably market what you have, instead of chasing after the next great thing. Because once you have the strategy part down, you can sell anything on eBay and make it a hot seller to your bank account.

Source: Submit Free Reprint Article 24/7 at 247Articles.com


Google is Threaten by SEO!!

Why I used this? Google have been noticed that some minds are working behind website to increase page rank, traffic and rank position in Google search. SEO are people who used Google rules to increase this all things without breaking rules. Google always want to give more relevant, authentic and best result to user. But due to SEO one can get irrelevant result. In short SEO is trying to fool Google Search Engine Algorithm. In short we threaten the Google algorithm. Google closed way to get first and we find too many ways. ;)

(This is the way I am thinking & its basis on my personal thinking only)

What Is The Future Of SEO ?

All time search engine optimizers are finding way to gain link in various way. SEO people haven’t leaved any site or online media to get back links. Just think how nice the social networking media and there we also start marketing. It’s like door to door marketing in real word. If you are SEO and reading this post don’t you think we are sometime spoiling the information abused the social media & networking sites and breaking rules of content copying.

Since long SEO people are thinking what’s the future of this search engine marketing? As SEO if you see online world as a sea of websites and information. In one seconds hundreds of website are updated or added. If one information reveal in online world, thousands of imitate information start flowing in next minutes.

Content duplication is biggest problem. One sentence can be rewritten 10 differently but what about after that. We are getting millions of result on that. So duplication is the problem which we can’t solve in some extent.

If one new website launch it needs to compete with millions of website for different keywords. The competition is with service or product provider website, Blog post, articles, bookmarks and more. And off course some pages give same detail and some are meaning less.

Thanks to Google sandbox or Semantic Indexing (I am not sure with the difference with them or they are same). The WebPages which has less importance according to algorithm is send to Sand Box. The benefits of this effect to SEO people are:

  1. The competition is decreased
  2. Website owner will come to decrease sand box effect on their WebPages. (If they aware of this.)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yicrosoft Directory Keyword Strategy

Hey buddies, I notice that how hard everyone is working to get 1st in Goolge.com with quote ;).

Everybody is using good strategy and ups and down in Google ranking are really strange. Besides this “Yicrosoft Directory” contestant learning good SEO strategy and also experimenting new one (isn`t it).

There are lots of new website to get good links to website are popping out. Here I am creating list of websites which Yicrosoft Directory - Seo noobs contestant using to get better ranking. I will try to keep updating it. This all website also helpful to other seo noobs to get links and other information.

I suggest that open an account in all of the listed website and get back links. I advice you to get slow and steady backlinks for new website.

1. Digg - Its social news sharing website. All time all favorite one. Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web.

2. Propeller - Social bookmarking site where you can submit story and also create netscape blog.

3. BumpZee - Platform for Blog communities. BumpZee is blog communities, RSS reader and social networking site. Where you can also increase connection with people with similar interests

4. MilionRss - Rss feed Summistion

5. Utterz - Share your news

6. Mixx - Share news, video, story and photos

7. clipclip - clip the web content. Cut, Copy and paste the web.

8. Squidoo - Create a lens (webpage) on topic which you love.

9. Mybloglog - Connect with other blogger and fellow reader.

10. Sphinn- Internet marketing News and Discussion Forum.

11. Vox - Vox is a free personal blogging service

12. Picurl - Buzziest pics

13. Jaiku - Create your activity stream

14. PPnow - Submit Story & RSS

15. MisterWong - Social Bookmarking Site

16. BlinkList - Make lists & share with others!

17 . Listdump-Create list of joined existing list

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