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Saturday, December 15, 2007

List of Important Factors of On page optimization

I am listing on page optimization factors which can improve your web page rank.

1. Title tag - Make it descriptive and eye catchy.

2. Meta Keywords - Put related keywords of your webpage. Keywords used in Title Tag must be used in Meta keywords

3. Keywords used in your document - Don’t stuff keywords in your content. According to new Google rule

4. Internal linking structure - SiloMatic Website will be very good.

5. Unique content - Content is king. If you used duplicate content then your site can be suffer with sandbox effect.

6. Outgoing links - Choosing to link to the right websites may actually prove helpful. It is best to link to websites related to your content, but careful about overdoing it, or you might lose a considerable amount of visitors.

7. Website age - Your website age seems to play a smaller role in Yahoo and MSN algorithms, as new but content rich website seem to be able to rank well soon after they have been indexed. With Google, it's an entirely different story, as it seems to prefer older domains, even though their content is not as good as new websites.

8. The Meta description tag - Write briefly about the webpage only. If you have phone number then put it in description.

9. Key words in your URL - Name folder, subfolder and file name using keywords only. Give name of image (jpg, gif or png) file using keywords.

10. Alt and title tags - Using the alt and title tags for your images can also prove helpful, especially for images you can click on, as these tags will act just like the anchor text on a regular link.

11. H1, bold, italic and strong tags - Avoid hidden text.

12. Webpage language – should be easily understand by 10 to

13. Rate of content change - Website which keep updating is ranked well in search engine. For this you can try blog, article or news.

14. Webpage size - Smaller webpage size and take less time in load that will be best.

15. W3C validation - W3C validated website

16. Avoid broken links

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Marketing San Diego said...

These are the most important factors to look and work on in on-page optimization. We should optimize all of these factors for our site to become search engine friendly.

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