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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

5 Kick Start Ideas To Launch Your Viral Marketing Campaign

by Richard Driver

Viral Marketing can be an effective low cost or free tool to drive targeted traffic to your website, product, or service. Listed below are 5 ideas you can use to Kick Start your viral marketing campaign and make it produce results.

Kick Start Idea 1.

You could write articles about your product or service and post them on your website and/or submit your articles to article distribution sites to allow people to reprint them on their website, in their E-zine, newsletter, magazine or E-books. You would need to include your resource box and the option for article reprints at the bottom of each article.

If you're not a good writer, just haven't the time for it, or simply would prefer an alternative to writing, you can make use of free or low cost plr articles. You can download them free at OnlineBusiness2Riches.com. However, you would benefit by altering portions of the plr article to make it slightly different because others are also using the same plr articles. To easily accomplish this variation, you can make use of the free unique article content spinner available at OnlineBusiness2Riches.com. It's easy to use and only takes a few minutes - Easy Step by Step Instuctions are provided to guide you. Go check it out!

Kick Start Idea 2.

You could set up a forum or other bulletin board. At hosting companies like HostDomainCom.com these programs are supplied FREE - as part of your hosting package. The programs can be installed automatically through your control panel. You just fill in your name, password, etc., and the program is set up automatically so that all you have to do is sign in and administer it. These programs are great tools that allow people to post comments and links on your site, which further helps your viral marketing campaign. Also you can include your own or an affiliate banner at the top of the bulletin board.

Kick Start Idea 3.

You could purchase branding rights to a viral ebook and after placing your website name and links inside the ebook, you could then give it away free to people and allow them to give it away free to their visitors. Likewise, their visitors will also give it away and continue to spread your ebook across the internet. Interestingly, in some instances you can acquire these branding and give-away-rights free along with a license that allows you to sell and/or give the product away Free to other people.

Kick Start Idea 4.

You could write an e-book and allow people to place a FREE advertisement in it, provided they agree in exchange to give away the E-book to their web visitors or E-zine subscribers

Kick Start Idea 5.

You could design a website complete with graphics, fonts, etc., provided that you are skilled in web site design. You could then distribute these products Free to people and give them give-away-rights to allow them to give your products away free to others. This would spread your name, your products, and your links across the internet and utimately bring an increase in targetted traffic to your website(s).

To make this happen, you would need to include your advertisements on the Free products that you are giving away or require people to link directly to your web site. You also could include a link back to your site in the copyright notice and require people to keep your copyright notice in tact.

Even if you are not skilled in website design, an alternative would be to acquire private label rights, graphics, templetes, fonts, etc., and likewise give them away. Of course, before giving any plr products away free, you would need to check the plr product license(s) to make sure you have give away rights. Some product developers won't allow you to give products created by them products with unrestriced private label rights.

Copyright 2007 Richard Driver

Richard Driver is an entrepreneur, author and consultant. He has assisted business owners with marketing, script installations, and website design. Take a look at his site www.OnlineBusiness2Riches.com

Article Source: Free Articles at ArticleSphere.com

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